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I began classical guitar as a young boy in Russia where I studied with talented and inspiring musicians and teachers. It did not take long for musical passion to capture my soul.


Performing and later teaching in a variety of countries, I emigrated from Russia to Israel in 1988 and then to Denver in 1996. While continuing my guitar studies and performances, I was introduced to Argentine Tango and began studying with well-known Argentines. The dance and its unique music - quickly connected the other creative pieces of my life – and expanded my desire to learn, to teach, to create, and to perform everywhere I could. A perfect fit for me! Soon my feet and body movements were added to my musical repertoire.


And now, as a concert-level musician and professional dancer, teacher, and Argentine tango DJ, I strive to share my knowledge of the “secrets" of musical scores and performances with dancers, while also sharing the dance experience with musicians. But, keep in mind, I also thoroughly enjoy "just" playing for audiences of all types - concerts, schools, festivals, weddings, special and corporate events. Hope you'll take "a listen!"


In, 2000, another creative growth spurt spawned and I began to paint. As I decorated my home with unique designs, textures and colors, I discovered yet another form of art - that, of course, included "splashes" of music.


I look forward to my next chapter...whatever it might be...