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Gregory “Grisha” Nisnevich began his music exploration in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia at an early age. His work with Ilya Permiakov guided and inspired his musical passion and brought him to the stage. Relocating to Israel, Grisha continued his education with Joseph Urshalmi at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. He was asked to teach guitar for their Department of Music Education while still a student. After graduation, he joined the faculty there. Before emigrating from Russia in 1988  to Israel he became the youngest music teacher in St. Petersburg.


When Grisha came to Denver in 1996, he was invited to teach at the AIMS Community College in Greeley and Fort Lupton, Colorado where he expanded their staff making it the largest guitar faculty in the state of Colorado at the time. After teaching at AIMS for five years, Grisha went back to touring as a solo guitarist and a chamber musician. In 1996, Grisha was awarded the prestigious Artist Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, Colorado by Maestro Ricardo Iznaola.


Grisha’s repertoire as a guitar soloist includes:


  • Baroque

  • Classical

  • Russian

  • Klezmer

  • Israeli

  • Spanish

  • South American/Latin

  • 20th century/contemporary


In 2001, Grisha encountered the passionate music of Argentine tango that has since become an integral part of his repertoire - not only as a musician, but also as a tango dancer, teacher, and DJ. Tango first captured Grisha’s imagination as an incredibly complex genre of music that is intensely polyphonic in its formation (contains simultaneous, independent melodies.) As a dance, it became for him a creative exploration of endless possibilities and intricate interpretations of music through movement. He has studied with Argentine master teachers including Pablo Pugliese and Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa.


Throughout the US and Europe, as a professional guitar instructor, performer, tango musician, dancer and teacher, Grisha provides:


  • Classical Guitar Lessons/Classes (group or private)

  • Argentine Tango Lessons/Classes/Workshops/Festivals (group or private, as applicable)

  • Argentine Tango DJ

  • Playing at Weddings, Corporate and other regular or special Events

  • Concerts & Performances – Guitar/Lute (solo or ensemble,) Tango Dancing or both


As an Argentine Tango instructor Grisha analyzes the essence of human movement, the nature and the anatomy of a human body and muscles, enabling his students to move up to advanced levels of dance in a very short period of time. He pays close attention to technique, rhythm, and musicality, translating melodies into movement and dance. In addition, he teaches classes on “Tango Polyphonic Structure” which talks about the differences among various tango orchestras.


Grisha’s accomplishments include:


  • Musician and Dance Artist for the collaborative Denver-based non-profit,  Parasol Arts.

  • Nuevo Tango Cabaret cast member and performer.

  • Classical Guitar Competition winner in Portland, Oregon.

  • First place award in the 1995 International Israeli Radio Competition and the 1992 Contemporary Music Competition in Israel.

  • Award and special grants recipient from the American-Israel Cultural Foundation, Chamber Music America, and the Colorado Council of the Arts.

  • Performance and lecture at Lamont School of Music and the University of Denver

  • Forming the Trio”Triunfal” and offering concerts performing Classical, Russian, Baroque and Tango music.


  • Teaching, performing and DJing at many Tango Festivals and shows including: Denver, Tucson, Boston, Caribbean, Hawaii, Warsaw, Colombia, Russia, Latvia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Canada, Los Angeles, and Estonia.

  • Teaching and performing with a variety of well-known tango and ballet dancers from Buenos Aires and other parts of the world, including Daneila Arcuri, Teresa Anne Volgenau, and Lorita Travaglia.

  • “The Tango Seduction Show” by Modern Muse Theatre

  • Argentine Tango TV show, Buenos Aries 2006

  • CITA (Congreso International de Tango Argentina) 2005 show in Buenos Aries with Julio and Corina.

  • Author of essay about the influence Baroque music had on Tango music, polyphony, and counterpoint; he explains how it is possible to translate polyphony into movement and dance technique.

  • Recording numerous CD’s of Russian, Spanish, Baroque, Contemporary, Klezmer music, his own compositions, and the two CDs “Tango Lesson Highlights on Guitar” produced for and in conjunction with Grisha’s popular musicality classes.


To add to his resume and repertoire, in 2000 Grisha began a new art form – painting. Please visit the ART page for details and images!

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